I Wonder When

will the NCAA realize that making money off tickets is a major source of illicit money in College Basketball. Often, staff and players are given two tickets to each game and they are told to no sell them, but where is the compliance? How the heck could you ever measure compliance? Ask KU if there is not a giant loop hole in this practice.

will the USA realize that it takes the Taliban and killings to manage Afghanistan. There has been a war there for how many years? Sharia Law is harsh and managed by the Church and State. They can barely keep it all in line.

will the UN realize that Ethiopia is such a lost cause that they somehow invade and impose some form of law in that country.

will the voters in the USA realize that it is the incumbents not just the Republicans and the Democrats that are spending our money like there was no tomorrow. Do you realize that our National Debt is now 90% as big as our Gross Domestic product. That is all the money made in the USA not the tax revenue. Imagine how you could live if you owed 90% of what you made this year? Either they must cut taxes or we will follow Greece to the poor House. My share of the National Debt is over $109,000. I could pay my part but I'll bet a whole bunch of you can't, won't, oh hell, that's a pipe dream anyway.

I will ride the mower and just listen to music instead of creating all these scenarios in my mind.


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  1. MUD, it certainly does get frustrating, for sure.

    As to the NCAA...I think you had an excellent idea in a previous post. If Faculty, players, staff, etc. get freebies to the games (any event really), they should be required to show an ID, and be admitted (no ticket necessary). In the case of players with free tickets to give to whomever they wish, that would be harder to manage.

    But, maybe either require each player to state up front who he gave the tickets to, and require an ID from that person...or just require the AD to personally be accountable for EVERY free pass, under penalty of sanctions from the NCAA. If the NCAA did that, I'll bet you dollars to donuts that dang near every "freebie" would be eliminated...

    Problem solved.

    When it comes to Afghanistan, I kinda' wish that we had taken the advice of my now departed Father-in-law back in 2001. "Ring the country with every available troop. Give 'em two weeks...tell 'em to get out...seize all the weapons that anybody tries to take with 'em...send troops in to make sure everybody knew they needed to be out of there, and transport those that had not heard the news to safety...then turn the sand to glass...blow the effin' place off the planet...put the fear of Allah into 'em."

    At the time, I thought he was harsh. But now I'm thinking he probably had the best solution. He was a hard headed Arkie...look a problem in the eye and solve it.

    Ethiopia is a lost cause. And, the UN is probably the worst group to try to solve it. The UN only creates problems. Maybe my father-in-law is rubbing off on me as I get older...nuke it.

    The National Debt...I don't even want to go there.

    Good post, MUD! I think most all thinking people share your frustration. I know that I do.