Rainy Monday

A front came through last night and brought a cloudy rainy day. Like most of the guys here in the heartland, I did get most of the mowing finished. At least I used up all the gas in cans. Looks like it will take almost a $20.00 bill to fill up the two cans.

Got up early this morning and made a run over to the Valley Brook house to put out the trash cans. We threw away some stuff from our freezer here and I didn't want it stinking up the joint so it did need to go to Valley Brook. The trash day there is Monday vs Friday here.

As I was having breakfast, I heard a guy say that he needed to pay the second half of his taxes today. I looked at my watch and it said it was only the 9th and the taxes are due on the 10th. I guess us old retired farts need to pay more attention to what months have 30 vs 31 days.

Oh well, got a lot of things done so I will close here and write tomorrow.



  1. I just heard there were folks that got hurt in Tecumseh. Keep us informed.

  2. The storms went north and south of us. No one hure here. Now, Oklahoma is another matter. MUD