Help, I'm Being Saved by the Government

I am convinced that even the most liberal person out there is just doing what they feel is right to save the rights of the US citizen. That is in my opinion the problem. Government cannot do everything for everyone and it is that cradle to the grave support attitude by the Federal Government that is in fact getting in the way or the chance for everyone to succeed.

The foundation of our Government is that we all have the right to life, liberty and happiness, not the Government provided life, liberty and happiness. We have the right to get up off our butts, get an education and work hard and at that level we will succeed. Our programs were developed to help those that could not help themselves because of handicaps. We don't owe anyone extras because they are just here. I damn sure don't think we should provide support to people that are here illegally. If you are illegal and have a baby here, both of you should be shipped home as soon as you are well enough to travel. Citizenship is a product of where you are a legal citizen, not geographic of where you give birth.

I fully support programs that hold your hand long enough to help you get an education and help you find work. That doesn't mean that half of the people out there shouldn't pay taxes and be supported fulltime by the rest.

\I guess I am the ant in the grasshopper and the ant fable. I think that because working hard and getting an education worked for me, it should work for everyone. This doesn't mean that I have never been fired from a job, or had to look for work of showed up at work as much as I could. I guess I have found it very easy to do my best and get promoted in my work. I have been early and stayed late to do the job I had to do and so have almost all of the successful people I know. Overtime and comp time have always been concepts that came after the mission was accomplished.

I need for our Government to stop looking for reasons to intrude in our lives by spending more money in an attempt to make all things possible. There are people that will continue to live in flood plains. Don't rebuild their house and they will get the message. Perhaps having at least one State go broke is the the thing the other State legislatures need to see. If it is impossible to just borrow all the money the Congress wants perhaps the concept of PAYGO (Only pass legislation that you can pay for) will sink in. I have seen the enemy and he is US.


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