On your "I Love Me Wall" what symbols of your life do you proudly display?

I Sang in the one of the best Choirs in High School

I managed to make to the end of a career in The US Army, The Reserves and the National Guard

Yes, I realize this is backwards to go on the right sleeve of my Uniform

From Private in 1966 to Colonel retired in 1997
There is a wall of my house that has many pictures, diplomas and awards displayed. It is known by the other Military guys as my "I Love ME" wall. It has a lot of things displayed there and a lot of things still in the storage room in a box.
Today I took the MSN's test on the US History to see if I qualified to be a US Citizen. I got a 70% so I would probably have had a C in High School. Take the test and see if you can do any better


I'm not sure if this link will work directly, you might have to cut and paste. I would have scored higher had I really paid attention. I think most of us don't really pay attention to what we should know as citizens. The question I really misread was concerning the First Amendment. Yes, I know it does not cover the right to bear arms, I just missed the word first in the question and went for the most important part to me.
Oh Well,


  1. What a happy looking soldier!

  2. Happy and Proud. I was an honor graduate in basic training. I found out that I could be a winner when I wanted to win. Ah, to be that young and idealistic again.