Interesting Conversations

This morning I went out to get the paper and the neighbor was out in his yard. I guess it is an old guy thing that we are out early and the wives are still in bed asleep. We discusses many issues and as usual didn't find a solution for much. He is an independent business man and said his toughest job right now is getting people to pay after he completes the work for them.

We talked about the loss of our parents and what that means to the children of the Baby Boomers. According to what I read, the death and resulting wealth transfer from the passing of the parents of the baby boomers is at an all time high. At one time there was an expectation that children would take care of parents in their old age. Seems like that now there is a nursing home culture developing. As John said, "The first time my son has to change one of my crappy diapers, it is to the nursing home for me." I told Barb about that comment and she said, "And where would little John be if his parents had treated him the same way?" I guess the fact that not too many babies are found on street corners with shitty diapers is a sign.

We are finally having some warm weather here in the heartland. Yesterday I needed to do some v-belt changing on the Super bronco mower and it was almost too hot to lay on the concrete in the sun. There was just enough shade to be on so it wasn't all that bad. I would like to meet the engineer that designed all the belt keepers on that mower. Nothing is left to chance and you have to get under the mower and pry the belts on. There is a keeper that guides the belt and if you miss it putting the belt back on, it manages to cut the belt right down the middle.

We have a new convenience store open at 29th and Coroco road. I went there with a gas can to see what it was like and perhaps to get something to drink. I pulled up and took my can out. There was a person in the store but she was out from behind the counter. I hit the pay inside button and it said wait - processing. I waited and a lady pulled up and went in the store. The clerk looked right at me and then helped the lady. I know that all she had to do was to push a button on the pump controls. After a couple of minutes longer she came to the door and said all gas is pre-pay. I calmly asked her where it said that on the pumps. She said her signage wasn't done yet. I told her that when they get their act together, I will be at the other convenience store where I can get a can of gas and then come inside to pay. I then told her that I was going to come inside and get something to drink also but I was now going to vote on their business with my feet. As I was putting the can back in the trunk she said, "Have a Blessed Day." Just between us, I hate that. Instead of trying to understand why their stupid process might make me want to go away, I get blessed. I left and won't be back.

Oh well, I have gone from the reporter of good things to bad things so I need to go away. No, I don't care what kind of day you have out there. Have a day.


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  1. Gwaaaaa MUD! Woke up on the wrong side of the bed, did we?


    Hey man...I know what your neighbor is talking about. It is getting harder and harder to get paid these days. I've got customers I've had for years that are now having trouble paying. It's not because they don't want to, either. Things are not looking all that sporty for sure.

    I like what Barb had to say about the "role switching" from parent to child...it is a lot to think about as my parents are headed to that "certain age" where those decisions will have to be made. I'm not looking forward to it.

    Hey man...you have yourself a day, too!