We need a list!

Yesterday in the morning, we went by the Dillon's store after running errands. Later on in the afternoon, we found ourselves back in the same store for a few more items. Now, granted that Barb lost her list the first time, but when questioned, Barb even denied that we had been there just a few hours earlier. I will have to admit that I keep track of the days by when I have to buy lottery tickets. Heck, I have to put my pills in a container marked with the days of the week to keep myself on the right dosage. And yes, I do have a billfold full of ATM receipts that need to be put in the check book.

I guess that if things were looming large and a delay of a day or two would really hurt, I might be more on top of things. Spending retirement days is much easier when your ADD kicks in. It also makes things nicer when naps overcome me when I get in a horizontal position.

Today is one of the first days in a long time that I don't feel down after a couple of weeks of sadness. Now, it the sun can burn off the fog and it truly gets above 60 we night get out and ride our bikes. There is even some mowing that has my name on it if I can slog through the mud enough to get to the places that need mowed. Oh well, have a great day out there.


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  1. Hey MUD! Glad to hear that you're coming out of the "down" cycle. I'm sure it's gotta be tough...haven't been there myself (yet).

    I know you've got a few years on me, but just my two cents. I'm not sure a "list" really is all that vital.

    The Mrs. makes a "list," and I add to it as I think of things we need to purchase, to do, etc.

    Unfortunately, the "list" is always incomplete...we always forget to write something on it, and end back up at WalMart, or Home Depot, or the grocery store later on anyway.