What The heck?

Has the entire world gone crazy or has my tolerance finally hit rock bottom? Our County Attorney was paid a bunch of money to process appeals and he pocketed the cash and now is claiming it is his to keep. He had staffers do the work as a part of their regular salary and didn't hire extra people to do as additional work piled up. Can we say jail time and serious fines boys and girls? Where is the financial accounting we require.

How can a Division I sports conference contact schools in another conference willy nilly? It appears that the Big 10 has been in touch with Missouri and Nebraska and the Pac 10 has contacted 6 unnamed schools in the Big XII. If they do that to a player, the stand to lose scholarships and sanctions by the NCAA. I understand that if a conference is holding meetings of their Athletic Directors at that time discussions should be allowed.

I just wish someone would want Lew Perkins just to get him the heck out of Lawrence for a while. Man has he shut the door to any discussions after it was announced that the act that led to his attempted black mail is in fact an illegal act and by State statute can lead to a $5,000 fine and dismissal. He claims that because most of his salary and bonuses come from the Williams Fund, he is not a true State employee. Hey Lew, explain the $140,000 part of your salary to the rest of us that Kansas Taxpayers pay. May be chump change to you, but it exceeds probably 95% of the salaries out here in Kansas land.

This year seems to be hard on old people or I am noticing it more. It is a normal part of life to have deaths but it seems like the media seem to be making it a big thing. John Wooden was a damn fine basketball coach but come on guys, he is 99. Dennis Hopper hasn't done anything in Hollywood that was worth watching in years and his death in his 70's was a big deal. Gary Coleman was at his peak a sick little guy playing a kid long after he started to shave and hit his peak lately as a Mall Cop. Rue McClanahan was a Cougar before the term was even thought of. Why do we give big time press to things actors say and their normal departure from life?

I guess my tolerance for stupid speak is low. Living here in the land of the Westborough Baptist Church just highlights stupid speak every time I pass one of their signs or their church. On the roof is their web site, "God Hates America.com"

Oh well, I think I need a road trip. Yes hon, I'll take the trash out right now.



  1. Dunno, sir. What the Heck?

  2. Geez o'flip. This country is just upside down all the way around.