Father's Day

Oh the Stories Our Father's told

Happy Father's Day to all of those out there that fit the bill. I hope you have some joy on the day to remind us all of the responsibility we have for a few moments of pleasure. I hope that you continue to find pleasure in the fruits of that pleasure and get to celebrate their growth as you do.

Note to Mom's out there, men are just wired different. The daddy bird watches as the fledglings reach the edge of the nest and fly away. They are not worried about empty nests, they are proud that their off spring can fly away and are strong. Mothers will worry forever about their babies even when they have their own babies. Men will celebrate the joy in life and are proud. It isn't wrong, just different. Now, if mother nature made the male carry the baby in his belly for nine months, he might feel different. But, the fact is they don't.

One thing that this eagle doesn't understand is how any man could leave his wife and babies to pursue their own happiness. I could tell you the names of hundreds of young children out there that have been abandoned by their fathers. Some have even had more than one father in their life walk away. Heck, you would think that men would feel stronger about their children than their dogs. One of my friends had a father that stayed with his wife until the last child was out of High School. He stayed married to one nutty wife so long as there was a need for him to be there. He wasn't the greatest dad but he was there for the time it took for his children to get out of school.

Yesterday, I woke up fairly early and got on the mower to clean up the place a little. I managed a couple of hours and then it started to cloud up and look dark. Most of the rain went north of us this time but even with the ground soggy as it can be, it managed to rain another 1/2 inch. Thank god the wind and strong cell went north of us. I got in just as the rain started and this time I did manage to get the mower's covered with the tarp. We managed a trip to Wally World but not much for the rest of the day.

Better get in gear, there might be some fun to be had today and I'd sure hate to miss it.


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