I Wonder

How many people went out and played in the sunshine yesterday until they were sick. It got to 96 degrees here in the heartland with a pretty high humidity. By the time we got home we were both pretty well done for the day. I met my neighbor as I went out to get the paper and she had gone to the Germanfest at their church and after being there for about 4 hours was pretty wiped out.

What my Veteran's project site in the Library of Congress will finally look like. My brother's grand daughter and her husband are going to help me do a video for submission. Will I be able to make it rock or will I just be another old vet trying to relive my past? I hope to make it worth seeing. I'll let you all know when we get it done.

What the heck has the Department of Defense done? Did the killing of Don't ask, Don't tell mean that they are trying to throw out Homosexuals right now to reduce the size of the Military or have they agreed to just look the other way and allow them to serve? With the size of the budget problems, it might not be a good time to do something to get thrown out of the Military. After the Vietnam war, they rifted a lot of good people. I got out while the getting was good. As a result, I finished my Degree and things have been pretty darned good ever since.

If the Obama Administration will ever stop blaming the Bush administration for all the problems. A lot of our problems go back for years and they all responsible. How much longer will we be forced to have a great big helping of more of the same before we throw the all out! It isn't the Democrats or the Republicans, it is the incumbents that spend our money like it had no meaning. NRA - Never Re-elect Anyone...


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  1. Hey MUD! I'm looking forward to that video. The young folks that are going to help you might already have a YouTube account to post it.

    If not, I think Paul Mitchell has one that I'm sure he'd be glad for you to use.

    I sure hope you put it up there.

    Hot here too, man. I worked outside some Saturday, and about 3 hours Sunday afternoon. Wiped out.