What does It All Mean?

If Colorado thought their Basketball stands were empty, wait until they lose all the Kansas fans that drive out there to see a game. The PAC-10+1 fans won't make that drive over the mountains to see CU lose to their teams. If Nebraska leaves for the Big 10 today does that mean they will be the Big 11 and the Big 12 become the Big 10? The shoe that is Texas is going to drop one of these days and then where does that leave us? Yes dear one's, 40 Million dollars in debt for the new facilities Lew built. The only good news is that Lew will take his 4 Million dollars and retire next year.

Today here in the heartland the air is still and humid. Talk about your precursor for stormy weather. The last time it was like this a tornado got my house on the east side of Topeka. I sure hope it brings rain but the funnel clouds can go somewhere else.

We are rapidly approaching father's day and here I am without a Mother or a Father. The good news is that Barb has agreed to share her's and that'll do.

Yesterday Barb asked a teacher's kind of question. What do you want to clean up, the garage or the basement. Perhaps she said first in there but I always paraphrase rather than an exact quote. It drives her crazy but my mind only remembers what it remembers and extra words do get left out now and then.

My sisters are coming over about noon today to see what the last dabble of Mom's stuff they want before it gets donated. I really don't care about much of the stuff. There are a couple of things worth the hassle but a lot of it will just add to the clutter for all of us.

Better run and go steam the kitchen floor.



  1. One thing, even without adding another team, the Big 10 is already the Big 10(11). Yes, there are eleven teams in the Big 10 now.

  2. MUD, it's gonna be a mess for teams like Kansas & KState, and Mizzou if the Texans jump ship.

    I really don't understand why it's happening totally. I know there's money involved, though.

    And you're right about teams from the West coast bringing a bunch of fans east. It might happen in football...maybe. But they can forget it in other sports.