Post Father's Day Thoughts

For me, it all started with a card from my 'nother daughter in Round Rock Texas. I got a cute card that made me look like Indiana Jones. I really think I am more a Kansas Smith type but hey, I do like old floppy hats. Mel manages to get back up for important things and she knows she is always welcome here at Rabbit Run.

Next, I got a call from Kyler and Austen in Las Vegas. They are with their Grandparents Larry and Sandy and were about to take off an adventure to Circus, Circus and points elsewhere. It is always nice to hear their voices and they sure sounded like they were headed for a day of fun.

The wife made me a card with my face where wheezer of "Our Gang Comedies, aka the Little Rascals" was. She knows that deep in my heart I am a kid trapped in a 60 year old body. Then she bought me a blood pressure cuff so I'll know when the ringing in my ears is from the deafness or the high blood pressure. The Pharmacy changed their generic med and it seems to allow more tinnitus. May have to find a new pharmacy if it doesn't get better. Might try to lay off the potato chips also.

We had dinner with Dave and his Barb at the Texas Road House. As we went past the meat case the waitress asked us to pick out a steak to see if I won anything. I picked out one on the end and I didn't notice it was 26 OZ of KC Strip. Yes dear one's it was enough food to feed a family of four for two meals but I ate it any way. What was that Girl Scout song? Found a peanut, it was rotten, ate it anyway? I also ate some peanuts and had a good time with the family. Because of my love of cooking the kids got me a beautiful chopping block. It is a combination of walnut and oak in a beautiful pattern. I will try to find some mineral oil for it today as I try to fins a sprayer that will reach the tops of our cedar trees. The sprayer we have just doesn't have the oomph to reach out there and do a good job.

Yes, I know that a paragraph should have only one thought. As I transition from sentence to sentence, sometimes I get carried away by a new thought. If it all ends in one paragraph so much the better. If not, read on as I don't charge you anything to read.

Better get on with the day. have a great one out there

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  1. MUD, did Barb really get you a "blood pressure cuff" for Father's Day? Did I read that right?

    Hey man...glad you had a fabulous Father's Day. Had one myself! All my boys living away gave me a call, and the two that live near spent most of the afternoon with me, and their Granddaddy (My Dad).

    26 oz. steak, huh? Well, Barb is pretty sharp...good decision on the blood pressure cuff.