National Chocolate Ice cream Day

There are quite a few things in life that I have given up for my health. Ice Cream is not one of them. In fact my latest passion is Chocolate Klondike bars coated with chocolate. Yes, I do manage to get little pieces of chocolate on my shirts now and then but what old guy worth his salt doesn't wear what he eats? Finally a day we can all be proud of. I'm not sure who picks these days but Kudos to them for this one.

Yesterday while grilling on the back deck, I listened to "Money Talks". There were a lot of interesting points made and a lot of them just fly in the face of good common sense. The US people are crying about the National debt and yet we save the least of any of the modern countries. We cry that the Chinese are buying up all the Government bonds and causing our interest rates we could get on investments to be at an all time low. The real blow is that everyone wants to blame the illegal immigrants for our problems and most of us fail to look in our mirror and see who is truly at fault. The author interviewed said that just a few years back we said that the illegal's are only doing the jobs that no one else wants to do. Now that there is a shortage of jobs, we say they are lowering the pay standard. Wake up people, as jobs rush overseas our wages will drop to reflect fewer jobs.

In the history of the world, there has always been a rush to find someone to blame. According to Helen Thomas, long time White House Reporter, start with the Jews. Then down the list the to gypsies, the Irish, the Poles, The blacks and if you are an American Indian I'm sure the White Guys have all been blamed for our problems. I think we need to get up off our butts and earn our way. If a poor kid from "Dog Patch" can make it, surely there is room at the top for anyone who works hard enough to try. Kind of like drinking. I may not be sober forever, but for today I am. Put one foot in front of the other and work, save and enjoy what you have.

My final point of the day is when did Washington decide that our "Rights" need funded? They sure as hell need protected but I'll assure that our right to Happiness is being eroded faster by the Government spending than anyone else trampling on my smile. I have decided that we have too many laws and all the States need to adopt the Nebraska model. They have a Unicameral (One House) Legislature and they meet once every two years to pass a budget. Hell, no one can enforce all the laws we have let alone find a whole bunch of new laws to pass each year. This ends common sense 101 for a while.


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