I am a fan of the Boston Celtics, mainly because of Paul Pierce. The paper today said he is opting out of his final year of his contract for 21.5 Million in the hopes of signing a four year 90 million dollar contract. Excuse me, but had a contract gone the way of GM stock and means nothing? How can a person just not honor his contract and opt for free agency? Also, 21.5 million dollars is an outrageous amount. I'll bet there are a lot of undrafted rookies this year that will sign for a couple of million. Hell Sherron Collins was a part of winning 130 games over four years at KU and he didn't get drafted. Dennis Clemente, the fastest guard in basketball didn't get drafted. Waive the green at them ans see how little you can buy them for.

One of these days, we will wake up and realize that what people are paying sports figures is obscene. Perhaps basketball players playing from Labor day to Memorial day are worth a couple million, but 90 million for four years? That is outrageous.

Barb brought in a bunch of Roades Scholar information. (replaced Elderhostel) There were a bunch of great trips to see in September and she let me choose. I was torn between a bike trip in Gettysburg, PA or the Zion Photography class. I chose to go back to Zion and wouldn't you know they have cancelled the one we wanted to attend. There is one a later in September but last year we had a week of some of the most miserable weather in early October. That will probably be where we will go but I do have my fingers crossed. This trip includes a trip to the north rim of the Grand Canyon.

Yesterday after riding our bikes, I came home and took my blood pressure. It was 120 over 60. I hadn't taken my blood pressure pill yet and wondered if I should. The rest of the day I had an almost perfect reading of 120 over 80. I hope the bike riding and the warm weather is helping. I have also stopped buying Wavy Lay's potato chips that I love.

Oh well, there is a drip irrigation system that needs installed.


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  1. MUD, I just do not know if I could live without Wavy Lays potato chips. You are made of sterner stuff than me. Obviously. Man, I love those Hickory Barbeque flavor. I can eat two pounds of them and still be hungry for more.

    You know, pro athletes really do make a lot of money. I have wavered back and forth between "well, that's just ridiculous," and "heck, if they're worth that much to the guy writing the checks, then who am I to worry about it."

    But, the enormous amount of money in pro sports has really turned me off over the years. I mean, morons that can't balance a checkbook on their own, or can't stay out of trouble with the law, or probably not hold a job at Dairy Queen making multiple millions does really make you wonder.

    Then again, there are some fine, intelligent folks in pro sports that do much good with their talents, and are quite generous to others.

    But, I honestly think all the big money is part of the reason I don't follow pro sports.