Support Helen Thomas Day

Salute to the Obama White House on doing something that the past four of five Presidents in a row couldn't do. He and his staff managed to catch Helen Thomas in a real stupid statement and got her fired/retired/put on the inactive list. With that said, I haven't agreed on much the current administration has done in 18 months so I think we should all pitch in to support Helen Thomas.

There is one thing that Helen Thomas and I agree upon. Move the Israeli's out of Palestine and give them, mmmmm either Utah or Mexico. I think the combination of Mormon's and Jews should be a balancing factor. Wait, How about giving them Arizona. I'll bet they can close that damned border. If you just give them Mexico up front, paid for with Arab Oil (Our money paid to them) things could be brought back to normal on our southern border. Why on God's green earth would the jews select a place full of people that hate them and then have to fight a war every couple of years to stay. Surely they could make a go out of Utah and I'm pretty sure that Nevada and Idaho really don't care.

So, my theme for today is to support Helen Thomas as she helps the Israeli's see the folly in staying in Palestine and move to a place where their money would be welcome. Besides, it would cut the hell out of our defense budget if we didn't have to buy new weapons for the Jews and all that ammunition to defend those foreign borders. Is this a Win/Win for all? yea Helen.



  1. I'm not sure who Helen Thomas is or if you're even really commenting on where the Israelis should be, so I'm not sure which direction my comment should go. I'll just pick one. I think we do a little too much minding everyone else's business when we should be minding our own. I don't think we or anyone else should have been involved in giving Palestine to the Jews. Allowing them to immigrate to your country, yes. Giving land that doesn't really belong to you to someone else because you think they deserve it or their ancestors once possessed it, no. Now that it's done, though, we should stay out of it a bit more.

    As for the problems with our southern border, I can't blame anyone for wanting to get here any way they can. We should be working to find a humane and sustainable solution to our immigration problem. Why do we allow so many study and work visas to people from countries that give us so much trouble, some of whom have an ulterior motive of causing us harm, then complain about our neighbors who sneak across the border to provide their families with a better life while doing jobs most Americans are too proud to touch?

  2. My blog was just a piece of fluff that fell out of my mind for no good reason. The problems are complex and my solution is not. I fully understand that people come here because it is better than they had it at home. When does your marine ship out? MUD

  3. You had me laughing MUD.

  4. MUD, you cracked me up! At first I thought you were serious...and then I thought you weren't.

    And now...I'm not sure. But, the post title, and photo are stolen! And, don't try to jew me out of some royalty on it...