No News is, Well, No news

Barb got up early and brought the paper in before "No Nuts" the neighbor's dog got it first. That means that we didn't have to read around the bite marks like yesterday. When I went upstairs, she said that I wouldn't care much for the paper unless I wanted to buy something or read about the BIG 12 becoming the BIG 10 or something a lot smaller. the theme today was mostly aimed at the facts of sports at the College level. Most of that discussion is centered around yesterday's blog theme "follow the $."

The paper is full of ads for father's day. I'm not sure why guys get a day for doing what most of us wanted to do. The insert in today's paper said men were hard wired to be sperm donors after 13 and to become protective the first time we hear our babies cry. Works for me.

That same handout said that 71% of people said they would rather have Michelle Obama for a mother than Sarah Palen. Why would you want to live in that fishbowl called the White House? I guess it beats Alaska in the minds of a lot of people. With Barry's approval rating around 50% having his wife ahead of him by 20% is a surprise.

Another rainy day in the heartland. We have had over two inches of rain so far this weekend. Looks like I will just put that log of pork (Pork Loin) in the crock pot and forgo the smoke from the grill. I think the kids are coming over for dinner so I'll have to do something. They are always good to brighten up our day.

Speaking of brightening up our day, yesterday we went out to the Overland Station, the restored Union pacific Depot in North Topeka. It is a beautiful building and the team has spent a lot of money restoring it to the grandeur of an earlier time. They also have a parade of the State flags in the order they came into the union. I thought that Nebraska came in before Kansas but Kansas was 34th in 1861. Nebraska not until 1864.

Oh well, got a good book to read and I'll go read it.


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  1. Dang MUD, you're making me jealous. We are as dry as a bone, and only got about a half an inch in the last three weeks or so.

    I can't believe folks would prefer Michelle to Sarah as a mother. I'm no huge Sarah Palin fan, but she does remind me a lot of my own mother at that age.

    Maybe I just don't like Michelle, and other people see good qualities in her that I don't. I'm sure she's probably a find Momma, too. Dunno.

    I read your post yesterday about the follow the money. I didn't comment, but as always...that's what drives MOST decisions...in anything.

    Well hey man...have a great gloomy weather Sunday. Tell Barb that Andy says "Hey!"