Writin' Bug

I am currently reading a book about Marines during the Vietnam War. It is one man's view of life in a rifle company and their attempts to close with the enemy and survive to see another day. It really has my juices worked up and I am torn between doing the important things I need to do and write. I guess mostly I need to get my stories organized and try to put some continuity in the stories I already have.

I think that is really a problem I am having with my life in general. there are a lot of things I feel I should do and a lot of thing I do. I started to write Do Do there but with old men and their preoccupation with bowel movements I decided that only one do was enough. I spent my working life with a To Do list and that was the only way I could keep it organized. I would work down the list only at the end of the day to re-write the list for the next day. There was a lot of times that the daily events overcame any list I could make. There were days that would move down the list and have time to help the others working for me. I am not sure that at this point in life I want to try to get too organized.

We have been deluged with rain this last 72 hours. I am pretty sure that last night we got another inch and a half and that had to put us over five inches. We also had the Doppler radar tell us here in Topeka that there were two cells very close to us that had counter rotating clouds above us. Neither put down a tornado but it did bring the kids over to come to the basement. Our Daughter-in-law is sick again and even with a week-end to get better I'll bet she stays home today. She has been having allergy problems and sinus headaches lately.

Yesterday I put some pork loin in the crock pot. When it was done I reduced the liquid, added some BBQ sauce and made a pulled pork for sandwiches. man was that good. I even tried it with some hot wing sauce. I think a hot BBQ sauce is great and different. For the most part my steaks and other meats I cook on the grill are more smoked than BBQ. In the past I never ate a steak with out A-1 sauce. Once I started marinating my meats and then smoking on the Webber I hardly ever use it anymore. If I use a BBQ sauce mostly it is the sweet red sauce most people associate with Kansas City. In fact, I use more KC masterpiece than any thing else. Somewhere we pick up a bottle of famous Dave's BBQ sauce and it was a nice change. We have a Rib Crib here in Topeka and i would eat there more often if they had a KC masterpiece type sauce. they are from the south and their sauces are vinegar based and not as good to me.

As you know, I ride a recumbent bike built for me by my Brother-in-Law Ken. Dur to the harsh treatment of throwing it in the truck and on a trailer it is in need of a re-paint. I think there is even a crash or two in the damage column. I am torn what will give it a great look and durability it needs. I am not sure there is a powder coat place here that can do a six foot bike frame. I guess I probably could just repaint it a little at a time with a spray can and move on. I don't expect perfection but I do want to protect the parts from rusting. We all know the wet goose poop on the lake Shawnee trails has to be hard on the metal.

Oh well, this has again wandered on to places unknown and let my coffee get cold. have a great Day out there.


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  1. Anonymous10:08 AM

    Hmmmm... I'm thinking pulled pork might be a good thing for Father's Day. You made it sound so appetizing and easy!