More Rain?

With the ground 100% saturated, you would think that the rain would go back down south for a while. On our last trip to Louisiana, it would rain every day about 4 PM. That seems to be the new trend here. At least we do get a chance to stay dry in the mornings. Perhaps I can convince Barb to go for a bike ride.

I wish I could think of some great thing to say about how the current administration is treating the oil spill. I completely agree that the people hurt by the spill should get some compensation. I worry that the Government will think this is a free for all and fund a bunch of things not directly a part of the spill. Kind of like the Stimulus Bill that funded a new stretch of US 75 down about Yates Center. They have closed one lane for a couple of months and poured new concrete about a foot thick. Everywhere else the road is asphalt that got a new coat when the ruts got too deep. There in the town of Yates Center they were "shovel ready" and are shoveling the money into their pocket as fast as they can. Here in Topeka, instead of just putting down a new coat of asphalt on east 29th street, they are putting new curbs in and digging out the old road bed down about a foot. It was the worst stretch of street in Topeka, but if they would come about 1/4 mile east, they would find no curbs and a street that needs new asphalt. Yes, that would put them in my driveway there and it does need help.

There is a message from our Morocco friends and they may get a chance to stop here in Topeka in July. It will be a treat for us and a good excuse for some heavy duty cleaning and painting. I am always glad to see them and the girls. We may even be able to come up with a second car to get them around. Barb's air conditioning needs fixed if we are going to drive it in July but hey it needed fixed anyway.

Better run and see what mischief I can stay out of.


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  1. Hey MUD! Once again, I'm jealous of the rain. Daddy and I were talking, and we both decided that we couldn't remember as dry a spell as we're in now in at least the last 20 years.

    It don't feel like Louisiana...except for the 100 degree heat.

    I know what you mean about this compensation deal. I actually heard some guy on the radio that owns a seafood restaurant in Houston. Houston, Texas now...that said his business has gone in the toilet because people are afraid to come eat seafood, and he's gonna file for damages against BP.

    Sheesh! I imagine there will be a lot of things that have nothing to do with the oil spill that get blamed on it, and paid for by BP.

    Hey, I can work on that car AC for you. Nyuk...