Danged Spell Checker

The spell checker feature doesn't work for the title on Blogs. My typing and dyslexia set in yesterday and I spelled clarification as clarificarion. I guess that where you point out which dead body is which. Or like they say in the military, don't forget to bury the dead horses.

Today is scheduled to be another hot one here in the Heartland and outside work after noon is discouraged unless you can stop and get in the pool. I guess I could play in the pond or with the hose but I'll try to get my work done and get inside earlier. There is a little fencing work needing done at Valley Brooke. Waldo needs a good fence to keep him inside. He is the cutest little red short hair dachshund. I will do my best to make sure the fence is safe and sound.

Finally there is good news out of Morocco. Our friends there have watched as over 100 people have been told to leave there for being too good. This was not an outing of Terrorists, they were workers helping the people of Morocco through several organizations and someone in the Government didn't like it. Having met some of the people told to get out of town by sundown, I can assure you they are mostly the salt of the earth. For some unknown reason, sanity prevailed and the ousters were stopped and in some cases reversed. I loved the diversity of Morocco and they were opening up to meet the challenges of the 21st Century. In a land where things are harsh, it is good to see the Government showing kindness to people. Allah Be Praised.

The other good news for us is the impending visit of the Reimers in July. Julie and Gerald will bring the girls here for a few days in the middle of their trip to see the people here at home. It will be fun to again hear the giggles of Kendra and Katrina as they again show us how to enjoy life. I will also show Gerald a good time by doing some grillin' of pork on the BBQ. The last pulled pork I did in the crock pot was wonderful but with some Hickory Smoke it will be even better. (If that's possible). I am not sure what Barb and Julie will do, except to help the Reimers catch up on Dr's and dentist appointments.

I have been told of a special visit over the 4th of July weekend but I have been sworn to secrecy. We always love visitors and fireworks. Stay safe and cool out there.


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  1. Hot here too, MUD. I'm planning to mow damp grass to get finished by about 10 am.

    Just a tip on the spell checker, and titles. After I misspelled a title for about the tenth time, I started typing my title in the post body, then copying and pasting it into the Title box. That little red line shows up down in the body, as you know.

    Sounds like you've got good fun ahead with the company. Don't fatten 'em up too much.