Follow the $

What ever you do, when people say that Universities are leaving their conference because of the Academics, cry BS on that. It is all about the money. It always has been and will remain the number one reason for college athletics. Mostly that drive for money is fueled by Football. Go to most of the Big 12 towns on basketball game day and you can walk in and buy tickets. (Except for KU) Not the same for Football. Another factor is that most of the average football stadiums seat 40 to 80,000 and the normal basketball stadium seats around 15,000. All the talk about the BCS is also driven by $. Boise State has a great team and that blue field is good looking. Would you rather watch Ohio State vs Florida? Most of us would.

Here in the heartland it is another rainy day and we needed it. It does make riding the recumbents a little less than fun so they will stay in the garage. 'Cides, the moisture makes goose poop as slippery as a sidewalk with grease and WD-40. Wouldn't you know that we bought a drip irrigation system and it starts to rain the first day we were going to install it. Oh well, rain is a lot cheaper way to water. Don't get me wrong, our water here is cheap and good.
Once in a while it does taste funny in the fall when a lot of leaves fall in the river between Manhattan and Topeka.

Yesterday my sister gave me a copy of a CD of songs written by my cousin Jim Petty. It is a lot Nashville and all the songs have kind of a twang in the music or a Theme from the Southeast. I am having a ball listening to the music and it sure brings memories of my cousin back to me. I think it was primarily a demo CD and he does do different things in each song. In one song he even has a tremor in his voice like Tiny Tim. He left Kansas in about the 5th grade for Colorado. The first song starts out lions, Tigers and bears - Oh My, and he hates Kansas. Not my feelings but I can understand that driving through Kansas from Colorado to Nashville could be a drag.

Better close here and move on with life. Write if you get a chance.


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