Dentist Today

Today is one of my semi-annual dentist appointments to clean my teeth and do a check-up. I hope I get to keep what I have for a few more years. Most of my younger years growing up, I was around people with no teeth, plates and bridges. I hope to have enough teeth to chew steak my last day. A little cost along the way beats the hell out of no teeth. And No, ground steak is just a fancy name for hamburger.

Yesterday evening we went over to the house on Valley Brooke to check the damage from the storm Sunday night. There was over two inches of rain and up to 83 MPH winds. At the end of the street down by Shunga, there were tree limbs down all over the place. A block north, the trees in the yard seem to be in good shape. I do need to go over and pick up the normal tree branch debris and mow. I will probably climb up on the roof and remove the branches up there.

I have a name for the Big 12 when two teams depart next year. I would call it the Heartland 10.
It does look like the commissioner talked Texas into staying for a while. I think they were offered to have a special TV deal in Texas that will give them additional revenue. Getting half of Nebraska and Colorado's money next year won't hurt. Had the Big 12 completely gone away, all bets would have been off and everyone would still get an equal share. Between the TV deal and more money from the teams leaving, the PAC whatever just couldn't offer more. It will be all based on the $ and they will then probably play a complete round robin without a play off.
This means that in Football each team in the Heartland 10 will play once. In basketball they will play one at home and once on the road. Should be some fun games in our future.

I am pretty sure that barb and I won't make a trip to see Colorado this next year. I have high hopes that all the Big XII teams have a fan base that will stay home. We still have to see Missouri and Iowa State yet. Yes dear one's I really don't want to travel to the little Apple to see KU vs KSU in any sport.

Better go get ready for my trip to the Dentist.


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