114 Degrees Warm

Spent the day working on the bed to the truck.  Barb left about noon to see her beautician and I kept working.  Finally about 2 PM I came in and just drank water by the glasses full.  I checked on the temperature and found out that it was about 100 with a heat index of 114.  I must have been a little indexed myself because I didn't have my glasses and they were not anywhere to be found.   After about a an hour to cool down, I finally went back outside to look in and around the truck.  There they were, right under the truck in the middle.  How I didn't know or notice they were not on my face I can't tell you. 

This morning Barb told me that last night she thought she heard a noise on the deck and when she checked, there was a raccoon catching moths that were attracted to the light.  I thought she was wanting me to do something until tonight I found her on the deck cleaning the window so she could get good pictures of that critter.
Stand by for pictures tomorrow.
This was last winter and I suspect the same little guy


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