Technology, Ain't it Wonderful

I am very proud of the things that break and I can fix. Every day, I read about new technology that is evolving and I haven't mastered the one that was replaced.  I am the proud owner of an I-Phone 3 and now the 4 is out.  The only problem is that once I had Dave download "Amazing Grace" on my phone and I can't defeat the pass word he used so I can do anything in Apps.  So I have this really nice phone that will do only what it came from the factory with.  That is only when I remember to charge it and then carry it. The picture below is a Lego man from the collection at Washburn University display of the Lego Collection.  I dropped it down from my I-Phone and then had to re-edit it to  JPEG because it saved it as a PSD file not JPEG. 

Don't get me wrong,  I took a 57 Chevy apart and put it back together without too many parts left over.  Now days I have to study the manual to even replace a burned out bulb on the 2004 Ford.  Twice a year I will finally notice the clock is wrong and either Barb or I will have to drag out the manual on how to set the correct time.  I think if it were completely up to Barb, it just would remain wrong until the change in the next cycle.  I do know that Barb will leave her watch on Kansas Time when we travel.  I drives me almost silly that I can't remember what time it is even when I wear a watch that is right for the time zone we are in.  Oh well, when she goes on vacation, I guess she goes all the way.  Well, You know what I mean...

The weather here in the heartland has taken a turn for the hot.  I mean 100 degrees with a heat index of 105. Not the kind of weather you spend out in the sun unless you drink a lot of beer.  Having been sober for at least 15 years I guess I'll have to take advantage of the AC.  I will go out and make sure that taco has a cool drink as soon as I finish this.  A good brush and a little fetch wouldn't hurt either of us.  


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