The Cycle of Life

This week I was having a friendly discussion on the net with a relative and he said that all the right wing kooks came out when Obama was elected and the hype about the budget being out of control is just a tactic to derail his programs.   I, having had the benefit of living through some of the earlier periods in the history of our country told him to go ask his mother about the grand discussions we all had about Guns and Butter over Vietnam.  Probably because of the fact I was way too young, I forgot to remind him about President Eisenhower;s  farewell address where he warned of the hidden power of the ‘civil-military complex’(Read more: http://www.answers.com/topic/dwight-d-eisenhower#ixzz1RcW3Q8Dj

Last night I met a bunch of my friends for a get together at Boss Hogs here in Topeka.  I wish we had not eaten dinner at before we went there. It was so much fun to visit with friends and laugh.  I am sure that i am taking life was too seriously.  having a smile on my face and in my heart makes for a better life.  Now I need to work on a way to bring music back into my life.  I found a bunch of CDs I had put aside a few years ago and find myself singing along with one of the Barbershop CDs.

I am headed out to go see the pond tour.  better run


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