More Questions than Answers

If John McCain can work with a Kennedy on the Education Bill and John Kerry on another, how come the Democrats and republicans can't reach across the Aisle and pass legislation that makes sense.  They do have a requirement to pass a budget, or at least a moral obligation to do so.  As the balance of power shifted in the last election, they thought it was some kind of mandate.  I vote that we shift the balance of power to the people and throw out the entire lot of them and start over. 

 Perhaps their poles are too high to see the ground truth.
I have read that if we continue to not have a budget and spending continues the way it has for a couple of years, the deficit will be over 20 Trillion in about six years.  I for one don't want to give them that much power.  I vote no on the Judges to keep them on their toes and perhaps we might all want to change the congress the same way.  
 Does something need changed? 

I personally don't want abortion to be the main form of birth control.  But I also don't want the Federal Government to get between a woman and her doctor in making life decisions.  How can you be for less Government and then interfere with a woman's rights to do what she desires with her body?   How can you spend billions on wars and not support Arts in the schools.  How can they raise money on Carbon tax credits and not spend that money on ways to clean up the environment.  Leadership in Washington needs to step up to the plate and start developing a plan to Govern on those things that are important.

 We the people need to have a Government we can afford.
 Right now the number one thing is a balanced and sane budget.  I'll bet that there are all kinds of experts that could do it but our elected leaders can't.  I call BS on that.



  1. Good post. Somethings gotta happen!
    Our elected leaders have lost sight of the people they are supposed to represent. Once they get to Washington, it's all about the political party, and forget the folks back home until election time!

  2. MUD, you pose a lot of good questions. I'll throw my two cents at a few.

    John McCain could work with Kennedy on the Education bill because he is a moron. I have defended Senator McCain often because of his service, and sacrifice, which was admirable.

    I voted for him against ObozO too. But, I'm weary of his political ways. McCain has ALWAYS been a deficit hawk. Always. But, when he went to the floor of the Senate the other day, and quoted (favorably) an article from the Wall Street Journal that described the Tea Party folks as "hobbits," I washed my hands of him.

    He needs to find out which rest home Goldwater went to after he went looney, and check himself in. He is a doddering old fool that somehow lost his way.

    As to why the arts can not be funded in the schools. Well, I would damn betcha' that if Barb was in charge of education in Topeka...with ALL OF THE FRIGGIN' MONEY THAT GETS SENT UP TO THE EFFIN' DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION, AND GETS PIDDLED BACK TO TOPEKA WITH STRINGS ON IT...she'd figure it out.

    But NO!!! The residents of your county MUST send bazillions of bucks to DC, and have it wasted by the beauractatic pencil pushers...and when that little fraction comes back to Topeka, it's got so many restrictions that hands are tied.

    Get rid of the Department of Education, and put local folks back in charge.

    As to abortion...well, you KNOW that you and I disagree. A woman certainly should have the right to control her own body. But, I'm of a mind that it does not give her a right to kill a baby that she happens to be carrying.

    Abortion is murder, pure and simple.

    But, I am even willing to just overturn Rowe v. Wade, and allow each State to make their own decision about how to handle the issue.

    It pisses me off that the SCOTUS subverts the States on issues. This one particularly. Hell, I don't care if New York, or California, or Illinois, or Florida (etc.) wants to leagalize murder. That's on them.

    But, there are States where the sanctity of life is respected by the overwhelming majority...like my own State of Louisiana.

    This is not an issue that should even be discussed on a Federal level.

    The Supreme Court sucks!

    Yeah...make judges stand for election. We do it here in Louisiana on our State Supreme Court. Keeps 'em honest.