53 Round Nose Pick-up

This last month, it was way too hot to do much in the afternoon so I would wake up early, work on the pick-up and take an afternoon nap.  It seems like now there is little left to do on the truck and too hot to do much else.  I will try to stay out of trouble and not spend too much for a week or two.  I do have a birthday coming up soon and I am looking but there isn't much I want.  I have looked at the electronic gadgets but just how connected does an old guy need to be?   

I have a dream that there will be a day that I will not have 5 or six non connected things and have them all connected.  I would like to be able to work on my computer, have it displayed on the big screen TV and screen all my incoming calls no matter the source (land line or cell)  Right now I can do a lot of that but I have to connect things and/or sync them to get that way.  I want the end result to be transparent to the user (ME!)  There is a certain amount of redundancy where I have to have data for the cell phone and the home computer. 

Oh well, I guess there is never any perfect world.


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