Another Fine Meal

Tonight we had Dave and his wife Barbara over for a pot roast dinner.  For some reason, I think a pot roast cooked in a crock pot is about as good as it gets.  The only failure was again the potatoes in the frozen Veggie mix.  The one's we put with them that started out as raw potatoes were fine but the frozen one's just mushed out.   I think it gave the broth a gravy like consistency and I really like that in my veggies.

We had a great visit and discussed the future of the electronics world. Dave works on the Geek Squad at best Buy and has all kinds of insight into what is out there now and what will work.  With a birthday coming up on Monday, I am now thinking about what I want in the way of electronic toys.  So many choices and so much money I can spend.  What do I need?  Nothing but hey that's what Birthdays are for.  One thing I will do is drink one beer and smoke one cigar near my birthday.  Only one of both. 

My brother-in-law, Ray, sent us a picture of a Momma Raccoon and her three offspring as they frolicked in the bird bath the other evening.  It was still 100 degrees at 7 PM and I can really understand wanting to play in the water.  The old Ray would have got his gun and plugged one of them but the older and wiser Ray just got his camera and took great pictures.   

Think Rain and cooler weather 106 here today.


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  1. 106?

    That's sumthin' like 742 in dog heat!!