Is it Nap Time yet?

With the crazy August weather here in July, I have a pattern where I wake up early, work outside for four or five hours and then take a shower, eat lunch and take a nap. Even thought I manage to get in a nap, I find myself sleeping a good 8 hours and then back to the grind.  Mostly I have been working on the truck trying to get it back to fair running shape.  Pretty soon I will have to make my way back over to the rental house and work on the siding problem there.  When I get that all done, a good coat of paint is needed in a couple of places.
Snow in Zion in April
I am convinced that no one really understand the weather here in Kansas.  If you go north, about 75 miles there is a cool front that has the temperature about 10 degrees less hot. But, the higher humidity behind the front has the heat index higher than the heat index here.   Something about the water vapor here under the high has just burned away.   In the winter, a cold front brings drier air but this has things turned around.  Oh well.

We are going to have the kids over for dinner tonight.  It is always good to hear things from their side of life.  A good laugh or two is just therapeutic.  

Oh well, I hear the couch calling.


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