Summer is here, Hot as hell

There is a warm front that is dancing north and south across eastern Kansas and it varies from day to day between high 80's and 100. Yesterday we got just enough rain to dampen the ground and keep Barb from watering the garden. Not sure if she will be out there today or not.

Last year the Asian Pears were so prolific that I thought it was going to break the branches of the trees. This year either the bees didn't pollinate or a late frost zapped the flowers. We hardly have any fruit on those trees. The stupid apples are OK but there isn't a cherry out there either. The grapes are doing well and the black berries seem to be OK also. he picture above is the regular pear tree. It seems to be OK also.

We have picked a couple of tomatoes and several cukes. Makes from some good salads and BLT's are one of our favs. In fact, we had bacon on toast for breakfast. barb also sliced some peaches that were yummy.

Better get on with the day.


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