How Would I fix it?

For those that aren't a Republican with a conservative bent, this will seem a lot like blasphemy but I will offer a few items that might go a long way to fixing our problems.  Here they are:
  • I am a landlord and pay my share of taxes on the property I rent.  I think that last year I paid over $6,000 in property taxes on the homes I own.  With that said, I would push a little more of the tax burden on homeowners and less on income tax payers.  I would graduate this over five years.
  • I think that sales taxes are a good form of taxation and put the burden on everyone and not just on the people that pay a pretty high part of the burden right now.  This way, everyone pays.  I would not exempt food stamp sales from this tax.  You eat, you pay.'
  • Every program in the Federal budget needs to be looked at.  Dollar for dollar, what does it cost and what does it do for that dollar.  I would put Federal dollars in a lock box and if it is not spent for the intended purpose, it gets given back to the Feds at year's end.  No more spending Federal Highway Gasoline tax money on entitlements that the States owe.  
  • I would personally turn the federal Department of Education into a Good Idea factory and make all their edicts recommendations.  No Unfunded Mandates.  No Child Left Behind is a goal not the goal line that can cause people to lose money they need to reach the higher goal.  We need to look at the ways we fund our education in low service areas and see if it wouldn't be cheaper too do some alternative education methods.  Who says that we can't teach using TV's and computers with the students at home not transported miles each day.  We are headed to areas in Western Kansas where School Districts are bigger than the counties and they are being consolidated to make them pay because no one is willing to try non brick classrooms.  
  • I would look at ways to bring jobs back to the areas that there are no jobs in.  I would make it easy for low income people to work and continue to keep their medical insurance and some of the benefits they have.  On the flip side, I would reinforce the border patrol to help them electronically screen the payrool files of companies tho stop them from employing illegals.  Most importantly I would shore up the Tax collection so that everyone pays taxes.  
  • Lastly, I would abolish the income tax filing requirement that we all go through on the 15th of April.  I would work on a system that takes a flat tax on every dime that is transferred to anyone.  That would include all forms of income.  Get a dollar in Interest income, pay a dime.  Get a Dividend of a dollar, pay a dime.  Get a income check, pay a dime.  There would be no loopholes to deduct the taxes you pay, no write off on the interest you pay on your house, Nada, zilch.  Get money, pay taxes.
Let me be clear that I am aware that these sound harsh but so did the income tax when it was first put in service.  My main point is, "Do what you did, get what you got!"  We are headed to a place where we owe 14 Trillion and next year 15 Trillion dollars.  Not the way I want to run my rail road.  

If you think I don't like Mexicans, you couldn't be more wrong.  If I had my way, I would annex Mexico and Canada into a North America Common Market and open the borders.  All Laws would apply equally. 


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  1. That makes far too much sense for anyone to actually try it.