Old Tin

I made a run to Kansas City to Classic Parts (Old Classic Chevy truck Parts) in Riverside, MO and picked up a new fender for the 53 pick up.  Yes, it was over 100 degrees when I got home.  I stopped and bought a gallon of drinking water and drank about half of it on the way home. 

When I finally waited all I could, it had cooled down to 95 and I started spraying WD-40 and busting bolts loose.  I guess I should say busting bolts as the first three of four just broke off.  Next plan - I decided to use my grinder and cut the bolts off and just replace them.  It took me all of about 15 minutes to just drop the fender.  The new fender looks pretty darned good and it didn't take long to put the new one on.  Actually it took me longer to go to the Hardware store for the new bolts.  (And to bandage my knuckle after a minor grinder wound)  I wonder if it is possible for me to fix and finish a project without some wound or another? 

I think I have been watching too many programs like OverHaulin' and just have this fetish to fix up the old tin in the yard.  Good thing it is the old stuff because I don't have a clue on the newer cars.   The steering wheel on the truck has been broken for a while and it will be nice to be able to drive it without worrying that if I tilt the wheel forward it will shut off. 

Dave and Barb were over for dinner tonight.  We had a great dinner and a very nice visit.  It is always nice to have someone to send part of a watermelon home with.  I love a good juicy watermellon but even I have a limit.

OH well, Better go read a good book.


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