Monarch puzzles.

When the Special K's were here, they got to play in the toy closet and there are many puzzles in there od all kinds. Some are educational like the life cycle of the Monarch Butterfly but some are just pretty pictures. There is a 1,000 piece puzzle that I'm sure came from my mother, and it is birds and flowers of each state and territory. Barb has it spread out on the table upstairs and I can't help but want to work on it every time I walk by. The good news is that I have done about any easy piece i can find and now it is down to random pieces and colors. I'm sure that Barb is working on it also because every time i walk by there is another bird or flower completed. It is entirely possible that this puzzle was one that my grandmother, Erma Fruits worked on. She was always working on one.

One of the reasons I think this is one that came from my mother is there is a border piece missing. Mom had a cat, named Chevy, that loved to carry off pieces when they fell on the floor. You would find this chewed up piece of cardboard under a bed or in a closet. That was also the same place we would find her toys. Ping Pong balls and little things that were easily batted about were her favorite. I know that Chevy Cat was a nice kitty but she got angrier and angrier as she grew older. Some of the anger came from the teasing the kids would do but some was just ill temper from unknown reasons. On one of her visits to the Vet, she threw one of those hissy fits and for the good of all she was put down.

This made room in mom's life for sassy kitty and I hope my brother and sassy have a long life together. Sassy's owner moved into an apartment that didn't allow cats. Dave took her for a while but Sassy didn't like to be in a multiple cat household. My mother was thrilled with sassy and they got along fine for a few years.

Speaking of pets, Ii still have the big black lab, Taco. He and I get to play stick on a regular basis. I also work in a good brushing so long as he can stand it. After about 10 or 15 minutes of stick and the brush, he will wander back to the dog pen to be let back in. He has been really good lately about now wandering off when I get involved in something between throws. There is enough dog hair where I sit on the rock wall, to knit a dog sweater. I have to be pretty careful right now about all the tics. I can't skip the treatments or he gets covered in a day or two. Oh well, live in the woods and you have ticks.

Barb had begun her annual fight with tomato worms. She brings them in and puts them on the back porch. I found out that there is a big red male cardinal that loves them. Shame he won't go out and pick them off the plants. Oh well, gives Barb something else to do besides water the plants. We are right in the first stages of tomato season and man does a BLT go good for lunch.

Better get on with life. Didn't mean to write a book today.


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