Fun and Games

Barb doing what she loves the best. Showing the girls the garden.

Kendra and Katrina out by the flower garden

We had our friends from Morocco stop by and rest up prior to making a couple of family reunions. I hope they feel as welcome here as they can. Julie and Barbara worked together as teachers and we were there when the girls were born and until they moved. The girls are bright and happy and played all sorts of games. Barb took them for a nature walk and they took pictures of the flora and fauna here at Rabbit Run. One of the girls took the beautiful picture of Barbara above.

When the youngest lived here, she was very quiet and just watched her older sister. I thought she was just shy but I now know she was watching for clues on how to let her personality go when she got older. It is now out in full bloom and there were a years worth of giggles here at Rabbit Run. We hope they have a good time visiting everyone on their trip to Kansas. I hear they will return through Florida and perhaps a chance to visit with Mickey Mouse will fit in their schedule.


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