More of the Same

This morning I listened to the current weather conditions on our new weather radio. (Thanks Kenny) they were saying that the normal temp for this time of year is 89 and today will be day five or six of 100+ temperatures.  They did say some good news is that the hot weather has boiled the moisture out of the ground and the air so much that the humidity is falling like a rock and the heat index won't be 114 like Sunday.  It will just be an honest to god 105 today and tomorrow. There is a great big high pressure ridge camped over Kansas and it is not going to move for a while. 

Because Barb has some new Tomatoes on the kitchen counter, I bought a package of bacon.  I love BLT's and with great home grown tomatoes, there is nothing better.  I think a couple of slices for breakfast and a BLT for lunch is about as good as it gets.  Throw in a little toast, some lettuce and it is like heaven.  I really love a BLT and a slice of watermelon.   Throw in a bomp pop for dessert and that's the life.

I am nearing the end of the truck work.  I can't seem to get the brake lights and the tail lights to work yet.  I will go out and spend a little time on that this morning.  better get with the program.


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