Reverse Bucket List

What do old guys do when they no longer are capable of doing everything or anything they desire?   They begin to count off the things they have done and probably will never do again. I am sure that somewhere on this blog I have touched on the subject and perhaps someday I might go back and compare the two lists to see if I am consistent or like my youth am losing it.  Here Goes:
  • Snow Skiing.  Living in Kansas this is not a bad thing.
  • Finding a new love.  I hope to keep the one I have for as long as I live.
  • Driving a car 100 MPH.  I pulled out to pass a car and hit 85 the other day and I am confident that it was fast enough.
  • Get organized.  I am void of motivation to get and stay that way.
  • Travel outside the United States.   I have decided that there are enough places that I need to see right here at home.  I would love to go to Cuba but the Government is worried that either they will corrupt me or I, them.
  • Move.  If you cannot get organized, moving is next to impossible.  I built this wonderful house for Barbara and she sure as hell doesn't ever want to move.  
  •  Ever finish learning new things.  I hope to read and learn until I am too old to know better.  Then I won't care.
  • Quit writing on my blog.   It may not be as good as it once was, but I swear once I'm as good as I ever was.  I think!

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