Two Steps Forward, Three Back

Seems like everything I have done with the 53 Chevy Pick up has uncovered another fault that required more work.  When I climbed up in the bed of the truck, I noticed there were several boards that needed replaced.  I intended to replace the front cross piece in the bed and now I will be redoing most of the bed and the bolts that hold the bed on the frame.  I did the bolts on the cheap the last time and this time I think a few grade 8 bolts might make for a better connection.  I have been known to put over a 1,000 lbs (+) of rock in the bed and perhaps something better than common carriage bolts might be a better deal.  
This is the pile of wood that came out of the bed.

I have given up fighting old bolts out of tight places and am using the grinder to remove the old rusty ones.  I am glad that you weren't here to hear me say shucky darn or something worse when I bumped my sore knuckle on the bed of the truck.  Mostly I just removed some skin but it does tend to turn my blue glove purple when I bang it hard enough.  

Snack for breakfast Nutella and a Peach
We got just a little rain last night and it appears the storms went to Kansas City again.  My niece there has been without power twice in a month and each time it was way too hot to suffer through it. 

Every summer we have a bunch of walnut caterpillars show up and make a mess.  here is one of them on the picnic table.
They gang up on the trees and eat branches down to the bare stems.

Then they drop poop everywhere.  This step was cleaned yesterday and it now crunches with dried little poop pieces.

Barb had us scheduled for a Road Scholar program back east in October.  My plans were east of the Mississippi and north of the Mason Dixon line in the fall.  She met that criteria.  It is a short program in some park.  Should give her a good chance to  take some great photos.

Better run.


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