Solutions and Problems

From time to time, I read people that criticize the current political party for all the problems.  On one hand there seems to be many simple solution problems but the laws of unintended consequences muddle up these solutions.   Lets start with the fact that since the start of the Bush (43) administration, the size of the Military has doubled. In the simple answer, cut the size of the Military and stop all the spending on brush wars in places we really don't care about.  The problem is that what will be the increase in the unemployment level from all the laid off Military and Civilian workers that support that "Vast Military Industrial Complex?" While there might be a transition available, is right now the right time? 

I have a cousin that is an art teacher here in Kansas.  In case you haven't heard, our Conservative Governor has cut spending to the Kansas Arts Council and that movement is spreading into the school districts looking for places to cut their spending.  I understand the need to bring the spending in line with income, but is music and the arts the place to start or end?  As far back as the 50's, I had the benefit of an art teacher and a music teacher.  Both had an impact on my life that I hope even the most hardened person would say was positive.  I sit here listening to fine music as I write this.  Would the sky look less glorious if I had not had the use of color drummed into my mind?  

What is the problem?  I contend that our congress is working on a lot of little problems, including re-election, and have no focus on what the problems are let alone the solutions.  A part of the problem is the failure of the two party system in bringing both sides of the discussion to the table.  When we listen to the liberals, we move away from guns towards butter.  When we listen to the conservatives, we loose the "what if" side of the argument. Congress needs to get with the program and find that happy balance of spending and income we can all live with. 

Is there a solution in a mobilization of the economy like the giant WWII mobilization?  Can we somehow convince the people in the US to start paying off the National Debt held outside the USA?  Is there a vehicle like "Economic War Bonds?"  What ever the answer, someone needs to get busy and find some damn solutions soon or there might not be a future for the next generation.  My parents were a part of what has been called the greatest generation. I wonder what will be the legacy or tag line to the Baby Boomers?


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