Do TV Commercials Go Too Far?

Seems like every commercial in Prime Time tells us that we have to look better, eat better  and/or have a better sex life.  This morning on the Today Show they had a discussion on "Manopause." I guess as the Baby boomers come of age, there is some expectation that because of the Modern Meds, we can remain fully healthy and active.   (What ever than means to you)   I will fully admit that through Modern Medicine I do not have to worry about High Blood Pressure or high Cholesterol readings when I make my annual trip to the Doctor for a Physical.  What is very interesting is that my brother and I are on the same medicine for the same reasons. 

Like I said, do TV Commercials go too far?   Depends... (Bump, Bump, Bump or the drum roll of your choice)    I can understand the desire of advertisers to sell their product during daytime soap operas, but do we really need to see a woman on an obstacle course telling us that she is wearing Tampax Pearls?   A lot of women find that part of the month not conducive to heavy physical exercise, I Think?   Probably will get a lot of negative feedback on that one.

This morning, Barb and I had a strategic meeting to discuss the battle plan for today.  I think there will be at least 12 people here for dinner and making it all come together is worthy of a Plan of Attack.  The only unknown at this time is the exact time of the dinner.   I think everything is better if the food and the people arrive near the same time.  This is one of the few times that I would love to have a chef here to do the finish plating.  Oh well, it will work as it almost always does.  I will aim to have several items in crock pots or just coming out of the oven.  The one thing that won't is the steaks that will come off the grill.  That is something I can fairly control by the time I start.  I can also move the steaks on and off the flame to control the cooking time.  Mostly I sear the steaks and then finish them with a smoky heat.  Perfection is a combination of Sam's Club Steaks and Dale's steak seasoning.  Marinate the meat a while and then cook it.  Dave and I have stopped using steak sauce.

Well the Birthday Card inflow has started.  I generally get a card from my broker pretty much a day or so early and tomorrow is the big day.  I'm sure something will be said tonight at dinner but if not, tomorrow is the day.  One of my best gifts is to have the Reimers here to visit.  We generally only see them once a year and like the punch line of that old joke, "Tonight's the night."

Speaking of old jokes, Al Roker today on the Today Show said the punch line about "putting the potato in the front."  The thing that started the whole discussion was the fact that one of the other hosts was sent a Bobble Head Doll from the Depends Company.  On the shirt, it said Drop your Trousers for  "underwearness."  For the sake of my readers, I won't tell the joke that leads up to the punch line except to tell you that it involves the strategic placement of a potato in men's swim suits. 

Yesterday I looked up my camera on the Nikon Web site.  I bought it in June of last year and it is just out of the warranty period.  It has an estimate of $125.00 to fix the problem and it is enroute to the shop in California.  I sure have had pretty good luck with Nikon Products and hope this is a quick fix. It is either a mechanical or software problem with downloading pictures through the USB cable.  The battery charging light seems to flash when it is hooked up but I am pretty sure the battery dies even when it says it is charging.  At least the light quits blinking.  Oh well, it is now their problem to fix.

Better finish up the last minute things here and get ready for the treck to the Airport.  Our Music Director says that my speech pattern sometimes come out in my singing.  I don't understand, Doesn't everyone "Warsh their clothes in the crick?"


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