Exciting Day

Today is the first day of the BIG XII tournament for KU.  It will be fun to watch them and the rest of the teams play as they  aim for an end to the Conference season.  I love to watch as the teams that play in a rough conference try to win their way into the big dance for the NCAA Championship.  For me, watching Texas all year has been a wonderment as to why they don't win more games.  They have size, talent and if they ever play up to their ability could give even Kentucky.  KU has managed to play greater than the sum of their parts all year. 

There are times that I want to tell some teams to just release a player and let him go somewhere he won't do damage to the rest of the team.  I'm sure the team I'm talking about knows who they are and what player I'm talking about.  There is an old saying that close only counts in horseshoes, hand grenades and Illumination.  A team that can beat the number one and two team in their league and plays that bad in the Conference Championship needs to evaluate their program from top to bottom.

I also got the new starter solenoid yesterday.  I think it should not take long to get the old one off and put the new one on.  With that said, I thought replacing the fender on the Cavalier would only take an hour or so.  One thing I will do is try to coax the tractor to start and get it our on the driveway so I can see what the heck I'm doing.  At least if I break the solenoid by tapping it with a hammer, I have a replacement.  How something that looks that easy can be difficult is only a matter of time to prove. 

I wish I could tell you that the medicine I was given yesterday has some remarkable effect on how I feel.  It just has me felling "not worse."  We'll see how it goes.  One good thing is that they administered a nasal swab test and confirmed that what I had was not the flu, just that viral head cold that settled into almost bronchitis.  The infection I now have is probably a bacterial infection from the aftermath of that.

One thing I hate right now is the fact that I just need a nap in the afternoon and then can't sleep all night.  I find myself waking up sometime after midnight and being awake for an hour or so.  Keeps me in touch with Facebook but how important is that?

The other day, I said nice job to a relative on Facebook.  I got a reply that thanked me for the faint praise.  I wonder just what I should have said that I recognize her efforts to do things but if she is waiting for me to throw a celebration for everything she does she will be waiting for a while.  She was elected by her constituents and she should seek her approval locally.  I guess I should just throw in the towel and unfriend her.  The only problem with that is the other members of the family repost her activities and I would get them anyway.  I guess the only real way to handle it is to stop reading  Facebook like it made a difference.

Oh well, it will be a beautiful day our there in the real world and I'm going to try to spend it productively.  Have a great day.


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