Sometimes you Gotta Win

The Braketologists have KU in the Big Dance as a number two seed.   I will bet you a dollar to a doughnut that Bill Self doesn't really care where they appear so long as they appear. KU has the toughest schedule of any team and won the conference in the toughest Conference and are playing for the Conference tournament championship today.  BUT,  anyone that has been watching basketball this year  knows that unless a bunch of the team turns up ineligible, KY will win the whole thing and remain undefeated doing it.   Unless, the whole KU team has one of those days where they all score 20 points.  This year it has been erratic and they have spread that honor out.   If their bench could come in and score 10-20 points, they could beat a lot of NBA teams but not so much this year. 

Barbara and I said that Baylor's Rico Gathers could probably play football better than he plays basketball.  Other than he fills a spot on the floor he doesn't have a lot of finesse on the court.  Once he got frustrated he just fouled out when they needed him.  That last foul should have had him suspended for a couple of games but it won't.   I am sure that the BIG XII thinks they need Baylor to go to the dance and do well.  No more than those words were exchanged one of the TV announcers said the same thing.   Thugs be thugs.

I reworked the starter on the tractor yesterday and it starts one time out of three when I turn the switch.   I am going to try to rewire the starter so a different source for power is found.  When I bench tested the starter, it works every time.  I also have a compressor to either fix or replace.  That's my job today.

I have been feeling pretty crappy all week.  I even went to the Doctor.  I am taking the prescribed medicine but it really hasn't helped - much.   I am still running a low grade fever and have a headache.  Barb read that the Blue Bell Ice cream has had some listeria contamination and that has the same symptoms.  Guess who has a gallon container of Blue Bell ice cream in the freezer.   It will be pitched today.  If I take aspirin, I can stop the head aches for now.  In a week I will go back to the Doctor if I'm not significantly better. 

Oh well, I can do a few things between naps.  Wait, that describes my life before I got sick.  Dang, I hate it when that happens.    PS, is Roy Williams becoming more Bubba in his speech.  I listened to him on one of the sports programs and he sounds like he should have a pickup and a tractor... Wait, thet describes me -Never mind.


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