Is Edamame Edible?

For those of you that have never tried Edamame (Soy beans) it is a funny vegetable.  It comes still in the husk and the husk is so tough that it is like eating shrimp.  The biggest difference is that the shells on shrimp are very light and small and with Edamame, you wind up with a pile of green scraps almost as big as you started with.  Most of the husks are tough as leather and there are only one or two beans in the husk.  The beans are tender and have the look of lima beans.  They have little taste and to make the entire process edible, you have to sprinkle the husks with Greek Seasoning (Cavender's is the best I have found for this)  I think this is a social thing more than a good process for dinning.

Now that I have that thought out of the way, I will move on to the state of the State of Kansas.   The legislature is in the process of making abortion harder to get, authorize concealed carry w/out a license and passing a budget that is at least 600 million dollars short.  Instead of adding a few dollars to everyone's state income taxes, they want to raise the sin tax.  Smokers and drinkers will soon have to stop smoking and drinking because of the cost.  We can go to Casino's but lord forbid if we try to smoke or drink there.  For the record, that's three things I really don't do but you never know when I might want to go to a casino, have a drink and a smoke.  Unless I somehow outlive my wife (Not likely) I probably won't get to do that.

I am really proud of the K-State Coach.   Bruce Webber stepped up to the responsibility and sent a couple of his key players on down the road because they have failed to live up to their responsibility as student athletes,  He is also allowing a third player to transfer to another school.   It must be tough for a coach to cause the dismissal of two of his best players.  I wish that Bill Self would do the same with Cliff Alexander and stop any question of KU being involved with having a player tainted by an NCAA Investigation.  There is a publication called the Jayhawk weekly and this week they have a special page about what fans and players must not do or the NCAA will step in and slap the programs.  In my personal opinion, Cliff should be allowed to stay at least another year to develop to his full potential as a player but his family crapped on KU's lawn and he needs to pay the price.   KU, being a team with only one senior, there needs to be some room for new recruits in the scholarship ranks.  Unlike Kentucky and KU last year, the NBA is not going to be beating down the doors for the current players. 

I am having problems taking taped conversations from a small recorder and making a copy.  It seems to use an MP4a format and store the recording somewhere in the bowels of the computer when I try to download using the system software.  I have to do a search each time I find them and the one copy I have made seems to clip it off about 14 or 15 minutes.   I guess it is time to bribe our son to come over and help his computer illiterate dad out.  I have a couple of conversations I want to share with my father-in-law.   He is in his 90's and just see's and hears a little worse than I do.  Now a winning combination.  Yes, there is probably a software program out there that will do the job. 

The weather here in the heartland is on a roller coaster ride.  It got down to freezing last night and will be in the 70's over the weekend.  Oh well, IO have said that I do like to live where there are 4 true seasons.  Go south of here and the summers start to be like living in a steam closet.  Go north and the snow gets deep and frequent.  To really grow plants in the garden, we have to water in the last of June and into July until the harvest is complete.  Just for the record, the grass is on it's own.  If it lives, yea.  If it dies, it wasn't worth the effort I have spent on it.

I guess it is time to get off here and do some research on tax matters and software solutions.



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