I have tried three times to write a post today and every time I have tried, I deleted the post I had written.   I worry that I am becoming a negative writer and I have simple forgot how to celebrate what I have.   The last thing I want to become is exactly what I wrote in those three failed posts.

Sadly, the realization that what I say is what I think, I am at a loss to change that.  I have hundreds of fancy little sayings but no way to escape the fact that in a lot of cases they are wishful thinking and not reality. 

I have traveled the world over and think the things here in the heartland are the best places I have ever been.  Is it just rose colored glasses or a desire to not change that keeps me here?   Can I realistically look at the things I love here without the thought that my perception is my reality - What happens if I am wrong?  Do crazy people even begin  to realize that they are out of whack and that alone makes their reality off center?  I read once that it is when people begin to notice they are wrong a lot and that is what drives them crazy.

Oh well, I will just try to get on today and pretend that everything is OK.  

I'm OK, but I'm not sure about you.


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