Finally Went to the Doctor

After about 6 weeks, I finally broke down and went to the Doctor.  On Tuesday, I felt pretty poorly and started running a fever.   The Doctor put me on a 10 day course of antibiotics.  Hopefully this will knock the crud out and I will finally start getting better.   The weather is so nice outside and now I am just not up to getting out in the great weather.  Perhaps later today.

The Hero Channel on DIRECTV  is running a program about the Irish and their role in the US Civil War.   I am proud to say that there is Irish blood in my family.   You know them, Patio as in Patio furniture.  I know that there was always a story that a Great-Great Grandfather that was Irish and he married a Scottish woman and they fought battles all the time. 

I finally broke down and bought a solenoid for my tractor.  When cold, the only way I could get the starter to engage was to take a hammer and tap the solenoid.  I hope this new solenoid will take care of that.  I probably will take the starter off and do the solenoid reploacement on the bench.  We'll see.

I will also take the tractor out of the garage so I can get the 57 out and test drive it again.  I have a minor adjustment on the accelerator pump to try.  It has a small hesitation when I accelerate and it may be getting a little too much gas.  I'll give that a try and see if it doesn't drive better.  If not, I have about exhausted my integrative and cognitive capacity and will try something else.

Have a great day - going to be 70-75 today here in the Heartland. 


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