I Didn't Know I Didn't Know That!

For the record, I am one of those people that either cower in the corner (not!) or charge on through life like I knew almost enough.  Every once in a while I am hit head long with the fact that Mr. Know-It-All really doesn't have all the answers.   It sometimes comes alive that my perception is my reality and it may be wrong from time to time. 

Is this picture turned 90 degrees to the left or is it me?

In my life I have had a long run of good things happen to me and it reinforces the idea that I can at least bluff my way through to success.   Where is that fine line that what I don't know can bite me in the butt?  Where do all the smiling people come up with the courage to get people to believe that we are all OK? 

In my family, at least one or two of the older generation began to have failures or lapses in judgment or memory about the same age I am.   That only worries me because I am in much better health than they were and hope to live much longer than they did.  I know that financially, we are better off and I do regularly see my Doctor to head off small things before they get serious.  At least a couple of small cancer's were nipped in the bud and I think I am fairly "Free" at this time.  But like a cancer, most people don't know what they don't know.

In all this automation out there , someone needs to find or invent a machine that provides some certainty to us.  What I want is something like a spell checker that can tell us when we are wrong with one of those squiggly red underlines like the one that popped up under the word squiggleh when I first wrote it.   Perhaps a new indicator like orange that tell me that I might be just a little off baseWould you be interested in such a thing?  

Speaking of inventions, every once in a while I will share with a clerk in the grocery store an idea that hit me when I stocked shelves at Safeway in College.   I want a stick that has a turned end on it. It would be about a foot and a half long with a six inch perpendicular piece on the that I can insert behind things on the shelf and "Front" the items so it looks like the shelf is full.   This is a free idea for any inventor that looks at he shelves at Costco and see's money like I do.

OK enough of this crap, Moving on in life to go find new adventures where I at least think I know what I know.


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