I read that it is Daylight Saving Time not "savings time."  Another myth shot in the butt.  To the majority of the retirees, a change in when noon arrives probably will only cause us to slightly change our nap time.    My daily schedule will go on mostly unimpeded by what time your alarm clock goes off. 

Truth in Advertising is that this is the way most cats spend a lot of their time. Not doing some cute thing or wearing a hat.  They Sleep

Yesterday was a sad  day for Kansas Basketball.  All three teams I follow lost.  Kansas played a great game in Norman, Oklahoma and were edged out by a point at the buzzer.  Both WSU and K-State lost their bids.  WSU was playing in Arch Madness in St Louis and will undoubtedly be in the big dance.  K-Sate will have to win in KC a game or two or they may be in the NIT.  Not the worst fate.
Our Hawk fans have their biggest wish that Cliff Alexander will either be allowed to play of have his eligibility removed period.  It is the indecision that makes it bad.  We also hope that the injury fairy helps heal up our injured player.  I'll bet a lot of teams feel that way.

What is your favorite color on old cars.   There is the Bye Bye Blue,  Arrest me red and my favorite High Ho Silver.   A lot of these look good as combinations also.  I have seen a lot of the White color over a more solid dark color on a lot of cars and really like that.  There is a metal flake red that looks great with old fat fender trucks with the fenders painted black.  I am also a sucker for the flat black hot rods.  If I get ready to paint my 53 pickup, I am going to need to do some rust hole patching with a welder to make it strong enough to hold together for a couple more years.  I have a few places on the 57 that ate needing touched up but it is fine for a daily driver, that I hope it will become, next year.

The last time I needed to update my computer, I had several places that memory could be stored.  I have a copy of Turbo Tax for every year except last year I guess the obvious thin g I need to do is to open that program and see if it can fine the correct memory location for the 2013 files.  I have a hard copy but having last year's files makes it a lot easier to navigate the new 2014 copy.  I will test that when I close here.

I think the Post Office in Skiatook , OK is screwing with me.  I put the wrong street address on the K-1 I sent my brother and they wrote the right address on the envelope and sent it back.  Both copies. Just how many Richard Petty's live there on W. Country Road?    Oh well, back to the real world. 

I have high hopes that my son will bring his car over some time today so I can switch the damaged fender with the new on I bought.  I am going to see just how fast I can make the change.  I thin less than two and no more than three hours will do the trick.   It mostly depends on if there is any hidden damage due to misaligned body panels that the new fender will rest on or attach to.

See you all later, alligator


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