Well, the short ride for the BIG XII teams in the NCAA Men's basketball tourney is over.  I almost laughed out loud when one of the announcers said that West Virginia might be able to disrupt Kentucky.  All Kentucky had to do was throw the basketball high and use their reach/height advantage.  Throw in referees with happy whistles an it was clear that the game was over in about the first 10 minutes.   Oklahoma did a fair job but they didn't seem to run many plays and when the outside shooting didn't work,. they lost.   Wait for it,  The K-State Chant - "Wait for next Year."  

A couple of years back, I saw an experiment ran with some test subjects in a cave.  They were forced to give up their watches and any reference to time.  Soon, they just let their bodies tell them what time it was and they were soon out of whack.  Days turned into nights, nights where whenever and they had no frame of reference to how long it took to do anything.  I can relate to that now that I am retired.  I can take a nap and wake up completely disoriented as to what time it is.  I know that Barb can spend hours reading after I have fallen asleep and I can wake up at 5 AM and feel rested.  Have I mentioned how much I hate getting old lately? 

I attended the ceremony of one of my friend's sister last week.   Yesterday I saw that a former brother-in-law of mine commented that he had lost a dear friend this week.  I told him that this is the one aspect that no one prepares you for.  As kids, we were bulletproof and would live forever.  Now I can start listing friends that have passed on and it takes both hands.   I guess I expected to lose my grandparents and my parents, but losing those people my age and younger were not in my expectations.  Stupid me.

Yesterday I went out to hook up the mower to the tractor and found that the universal joint on the attachment part had failed.  Somehow the piece had been bent and the clips that held the cap on the joint came off.  Lose the clips and the little caps become hand grenades.  The new universal was $35.00 and the new part was almost $60.00.  Maintenance on this tractor is expensive.  This past week I put a new starter button on the tractor after spending over $100.00 on a new solenoid.  This tractor works fine right now but I am holding my breath to see how soon something else breaks. 

I read a Facebook site about 55-56-57 Chevys.  It blows me away how critical the readers are about the tires and wheels some guys put on their cars.  When I was doing my 57 Chevy, I tried to collect up a set of 57 Belair fancy hubcaps.  Most of the one's I found at swap meets were pretty rusty and the clips that held them on the wheel were broken or missing.  In the interest of my time and money, I bought a set of Crager Mags.  It looks like something I would have done in my earlier years.  The big difference is that  I would have bought them second hand and perhaps they might have even been hot back then. 

That takes me back to a funny story.  One of the guys in my neighborhood was Danny Rex.  He was a pretty normal guy but somewhat lacking in the intelligence area.   He saw an ad in the paper for a transmission on a 46 Ford.   He took the directions and off we went to take it out of the old car on a farm out east of Wichita.  When we completed the job, we moved on and almost forgot about it.  The next week, a Sheriff's Officer showed up at Danny's house to arrest him for theft.  It seems that my friend had the right address but the wrong street.  He had it written down there by the phone and still had the newspaper ad.  When it was explained to the farmer, he decided to not press charges.  Danny and I had to go out and put the transmission back where we got it and then go get the new one.  I am just glad that I hadn't driven my car on that first trip. 

Oh well, on to bigger and better things. 


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