Lightning Strike

I am not sure that I know what the odds are of being struck by lightning but I hear it is pretty high.  I have often wondered what is more likely?

a.  Having people understand that the people we elect can't possibly represent everything we want.  They are elected by votes and that is the way we get people in office that best represent what we want.  Or Having politicians really ask themselves what would the people that elected me really want instead of just passing the Party Line.

b.  Finding ways to inspire our students to learn more than the curriculum asks  OR Just letting the status Quo set in and accepting that is good enough. 

c.   Teaching our children about the value of money and how to manage it OR Allowing them to go out in the world and be subject to the whims of advertising.  A Dave Ramsey type program should be the norm somewhere in school. 

d.  Finding ways to help people and the Police come to understandings  OR Just go on shooting people when the Police run rough shod over the rights of people.  There has to be a better way.

e.  Helping people understand the bill of rights, what they stand for and cost  OR  Letting our rights slip slide away.  Just for the record, every day in school, we said the pledge of allegiance, he Lord's Prayer and at lunch we sang the Doxology.  I never saw anyone picked on because they didn't, or remained silent. 

f.  Insert your own pet peeves here and move on smugly in the fact that I won't denigrate what you think or do.


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