Strange Thing!

After a two year long battle with a lawyer involved, and because this is tax time, I wondered if the Lawyer fees are deductible.   Can you believe that even with the number of lawyers in Congress they are not?  Seems to me that that is one thing that a good lawyer would get passed quickly.    I haven't finished my research but at least not right out there in the open they are not for an individual.  Perhaps they can be included in a business as a write off but not openly for individuals.

Did I really expect that West Virginia would beat Kentucky?   Not really.  I wasn't sure about the Shockers but at least they didn't beat themselves, a great Notre Dame team played their asses off and won the game.  Now to see if Oklahoma will show up and win tonight.  Roy Who?

Yesterday I went out to the garage to set the tractor up to mow some in the field.  Seems the universal joint on the drive shaft had shelled its self the last time I used it to mow.  A new universal was $35.00.  When I tried to replace the old one, I realized why it failed.  Somehow the old fastener was bent and it needs to be replaced.  There wasn't one at either Tractor Supply store here in town.  They want $55.00 for that.   Crap Oh Dear.   Oh well, I will probably make a dump run with the trailer and stop by the north store on the way home.  Perhaps.

I am torn about getting a mower at the rental houses.  The lots there is three acres and I couldn't mow it in a week if I had a push mower.  We'll see.  It used to be pretty easy to hire a kid to mow but with the price of gas, I am not sure I could afford to do that. 

I can't imagine how fast this year is going.  It will soon be April and there is a lot of outside work to get done.  I thought by June we could at least hit the road some but we are in a holding pattern right now.  On the 18th, our Barbershop Chorus will hold their annual show.  We are getting ready but there is a lot of work to get done between now and then.

I had better get closed up here and get on with the day.  Miles to go and money to spend.



  1. I have 20+ years of tax experience and your lawyer fees may be deducted on a personal return IF the fees were incurred to produce taxable income. If this is the case they should go on Schedule A as a deduction subject to the 2% limitation on income. Hope this helps.

  2. You just hit on one of the things I hate about retirement. Almost everything is tied to taxable income. What I want is a loophole that allows me to deduct legal fees when I sue someone for doing stupid things.