March Madness

Iowa State never lead in their basketball game except for the final shot in the final second and won their game.  KU was undermanned and could not hit the inside of the 3 point barn and won their game.  Kansas State is out of the playoff's after being picked to finish 4th in the conference.  If this is not what you expected, you have missed the name March Madness.  The basketball is round and yet does not bounce evenly.   I hope that Perry Ellis from KU doesn't come back too soon and re-hurt that knee.  We will need him later on, more than one game now.

Yesterday that 1 hour job on my tractor turned into a three hour problem solving problem session and ended with the darned thing in pieces.  The person that last put the solenoid on the starter over tightened the screws and stripped out any chance of just taking them out.  I think I have the solution and in a little while will put it all together.  Things seem clear when I sit down and just let ideas bounce around in my mind.  The real problems will come when I am trying to put it all together in the driveway. 

I don't eat at Taco Bell on normal occasions after having many of my students get sick from eating there when we worked right near a Taco Bell.  In fact the nickname applied to the local store was Taco Hell.  I do want to thank them for the idea of Sirancha sauce that is a mayonnaise mix for sandwiches.  I saw it on TV and tried it on a sandwich.  Mayonnaise is just the thing to take the kick out of the hot sauce and turn it into a good flavor.  Oh well.

I am going to experiment with my coffee brand again.  I read that obtaining whole coffee beans from a local roaster (yes we have one) is the best way to encourage freshness.  I will also look for a coffee grinder and a good airtight storage container.  When I am all set, I will do some analysis on what was the best coffee amount.  Right now, our water has a funny taste so I might even try using spring water from one of those gallon jugs.  More to follow on this important topic. 

After two more trips to Oklahoma, I hope to never go there again.  I will give you a full report but not yet.   I am not crazy about Arkansas but I will tell you that if you haven't been to Crystal Bridges the American Art Museum near Bentonville, AR you need to go there.

Oh well, better get rolling.


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