Monday Morning Again

Got an Facebook notification that Marilyn, the older sister of my life long friend Harvey, passed away this morning.  I guess when you are in your 60's that sort of thing is to be expected.  As a member of the Baby Boomer age group, I should be expecting that sort of news.  I look myself up the other day and with the normal stuff, I should expect to live to about 83.   One survey I read indicated that with my family history of Heart trouble and the fact that I have had a cancer removed the 83 age is optimistic.  For the record, If I were to die tomorrow, I want everyone to know that I have been dealt a pretty darned good set of cards in life and no matter when I die, I want no one to be sad when I do pass.  I don't want it to be tomorrow but when it happens I only hope it isn't a long and painful process. 

Well, the final Championship brackets for the NCAA Men's Basketball came out over the weekend.  I love to hear all the speculation about the potential and then watch the outcomes.   KU and Wichita State have avoided playing each other and they (with wins in the first game) will play each other on March 22nd.  Can't wait for the matchup.  I sure hope the NCAA gets on the stick and either clears Cliff Alexander of sends him on down the road.   I would love to have him for the Tourney but I will keep my eyes on Kentucky as the number 1 of the number 1 seeds that will emerge from the Midwest bracket. I will fill out the brackets in pencil some time today.  I don't pay a lot of attention to the teams in the eastern part of the US so a lot of guessing will be involved. 

I got a call from an inspector from the insurance company and they want to re-assess one of my rental properties.  I did put a new roof and I'm sure that is part of the reason.  The other part is they want to raise the rates or drop their coverage of the older homes.  Heck, Rabbit Run is getting to the ripe old age of 25 soon.  Time to invest in some new windows and floor coverings here.  I expect the bigger of the two rental houses to be vacant no later than the end of the school year.  The tenant in the smaller house has told me that she is getting married this year and would love to have the bigger house.  We'll see.  I have never had either one sit vacant long. 

The weather here in the heartland is almost perfect.  After several cold snaps, it is great to be able to get outside and putter in the yard.  I have an itch to get the 57 out more this year.   I also will have the driveway apron redone.  Barb has more plants started in the solarium than there is garden space but I'll probably have to work on the garden some.  I didn't rake the leaves last fall and I will have that to do too.  With the months of February and now into March being passed with this monster illness, not much has been done to the yard.

This next month or so we will have several house guests and it should be a lively time here at Rabbit Run.  Always good to see friends and family.  I grilled outside yesterday and as usual, Dave took home the leftovers.  I know he puts them to good use.  He claims that everything he makes that start out with some of my grilled meat always tastes better.  At least a notch or two better in his words.  I will always start cooking the chicken at least an hour and a half earlier and when I bring it in, I cover it with foil and put it on the grill side of the stove.  Set on low, it is always done when the meal is served.  For the record I tried grilling shrimp and they were OK but not the best I have ever had.  I love to boil shrimp in the Bay Seasoning  and just peel and eat them.  Perhaps I will find a way to impart the smoky taste and some lemon and garlic next time. 

Oh well, now I've gone and made myself hungry.   See you later alligator.  Like they say in Wichita, "It's a Beautiful day in KAKE land."



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