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The news today is very interesting.  I grew up in Wichita right next to the Beech Aircraft Runway and just down the road from Rodin's Airport where a WWII Trainer was built.  I spent hundreds of hours siting in the cockpit of a Corsair behind one of the main buildings sitting in the cockpit and flying that sucker. There was just something that appealed to a kid and seeing the flaps moving with the stick was just a good feeling causer.  With that said, I got right down to the part where I had to sign my name to go to flight school and chickened out.  The application said Rotary Wing and I just didn't know or trust how helicopters could fly.  I guess I should have been one of those guys that just trusted that Bumble Bee's can fly even though the design is wrong.

My imaginary flights growing up
Harrison Ford crashed a vintage airplane near LA yesterday and lived through the experience.  It seems that after take off his motor died and the old adage applied.  "Take offs are optional and landings are mandatory."  Being a driver of vintage cars, I can understand the thrill of owning and operating old vehicles but, old planes should be looked at and carefully flown.  If I had his money I would have a new Beechcraft and fly it on clear sunny days.   Kind of like those of us that own vintage cars.  They stay in the storage building when other people are slip sliding around. 

1968, Near Kontum in Vietnam

The other day on Jeopardy, the final question of the day was, "Under who's administration was Barack Obama born."   The contestants got it wrong.  He was born in 1961 during the Presidency of JFK.  When you think about it, it makes perfect sense.  His frame of reference for the United States does not include the fact that twice in the 1900's we had to go to Europe and save the Bacon for the French and the British.  A lot of our pride comes from the fact that we have worn the Sheriff's badge a lot and protected the world.  Think about the effect of all the news agencies telling him what a mistake Vietnam was and how we lost that war.  His frame of reference doesn't include the fact that our intentions were honorable it was the political will of the people that stopped out involvement there. (notice that I don't think the Military lost that war, the politicians drew it to a halt after we couldn't win it by calling it a police state and staying in South Vietnam where they demanded we stay.)  That just so you know is a non paid political announcement from an old Vietnam Vet.

I have heard over the years that the old guys are all war mongers.  I think you need to understand that most of us are the guys that hate war the most.  It becomes painfully aware to anyone that has been there that War is a damn fine way to get killed.  The lethality of the modern battlefield is high and the saying is if you can be seen, you can be killed was never more true.  It is the part that we have benefitted so much from the freedoms we have and feel they need protected today as much as they ever did.  It is not our thought that we can't serve today that makes us brave, it is the rules that won't allow slow soldiers to be there.  Besides most of us were higher ranking when we left and we need Privates and young men to carry all that heavy stuff.  It is not the sitting and shooting, it is the moving, running and heavy lifting that keeps us from doing a good job in wartime.  I just warn any nation  that if they attack here, there is a bunch of us that will live in the forest and shoot squirrels to live.  We are armed in most cases and the don't want a bunch of crazy old fools in their backfield. 

Have I told you that I am one of the most proud people in the world that I get to live in America.  My barber came to the USA from Korea in 1963 and he says here is the best place in the world.  He has the freedom to live as Korean or American as he desires.   He thinks that if you want to think a tree is your god, so be it.   He does feel that people that chose strange gods need to be more understanding of what other choose.  Can you imagine a religion killing others because they believe different here in the USA?  He and I neither one can.   Especially the part where if your god is a tree and my dog pisses on it killing both me and the dog. 

Oh well, I read a Facebook page about the 55-56-57 Chevy's and this week they opened the door to have us show what other projects we have in our garage.  I for one have a tractor and two mowers there and use them.  No silly, not all at the same time but the maintenance on high use equipment does take up a lot of my time.  Speaking of time, I had better get moving before my butt starts sticking to this chair.

My collection of equipment.  The Chevy is over along the north wall


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